Happy Spring Break

Sitting alone on our couch in our condo, in Mexico.  I’ve read some (Unbroken), enjoyed the girls (Jill and friend), seen the boys some (Bobby and friend), had a quick workout, and beaten myself up some.  It’s hard to pass up a good deal, and some lessons one has to learn independent of of what others tell you.  The lesson I learned is to not be seduced one more minute by the nice Mexican people who offer you water and discounts off of excursions, in lieu of 90 minutes of your time.  My 90 minutes turned into 3 1/2 hours.

Granted, I had one hour in between for a shower.  When I returned with the girls to discuss the excursion package with Jose, I’d hoped to get my 30% off of an excursion that appealed to our group, not one that was highly recommended by Jose.  I’m a sucker.  And while I enjoyed my time with Liam for the first, say 45 minutes, my interest began to wane with each new person to whom I was introduced and cajoled.  I’d like to believe they are sincerely nice people who truly believe that if they give me a 90 minute presentation about their timeshare (although, they have another term for their timeshare package), that my satisfactory opinion of them is almost as important as if I were to buy a timeshare from them.  However, by the time I reached Jose, my final stop, it was clear that a satisfactory impression by me isn’t nearly as important as me investing in their company.  Which makes sense when no less than 6 people manhandled me by the time I was finished.

In the end, we did receive free taxi service to and from the airport, but it costs me 3 1/2 hours of Mexican sun, and by the end of it, I found myself telling Jose that he was giving me a headache.

We’re staying at Velas Vallarta, and very nice All Inclusive resort, although I didn’t purchase the All Inclusive additional package. I’m told it would cost about $80/per person per day. For that you receive all the food and drink you want.  Since I am with my two children and their two friends, the drink portion of that package would go to waste. By drink, it includes alcohol. But even if the kids don’t drink alcohol, it’s not as if I want to spend that much money on water and soda.  So, I opted not to include that. However, so far a Mexican enchilada platter type meal is at least $20.  Liam told me to go further down the boardwalk and we can get a burger or tacos for $7 to $10… I’m hoping to try that tonight.

Speaking of $ (dollars)…Prices aren’t readily available for everything.  For example, in the little market on the property, there are no prices on the groceries.  The Haagen Dazs pints and popcicles have no prices, nor do the soda, or anything else.  However, after shopping at a supermarket last night, K-Mart style, I know that a quart of Haagen Dazs runs between $10 and $12 U.S. dollars.  I get a little worked up at the peso concept. Last night our meal costs $891, but that’s in pesos, even though a dollar sign is placed before the number.  The exchange is about 10 to 15 pesos to one dollar, changing each day.  Because I’m not a math whiz, I simply divide 10 into the total to get my U.S. Dollar value and call it good.

I’ve just taken the time to figure out the Internet service, which seemed a little complicated.  My photos aren’t transferring from my phone to ICloud, so I can’t post much right now. But I have a few photos from our camera downloaded to the computer.  Nothing looks new or shiny here, but Puerta Vallarta seems to be a mix of old an beautiful.  I love the look of this old bug.

The kids are having mixed reactions.  I think they are confused by the beauty and the high cost of food and the decent to nice accommodations compared to the poor and unkempt structures that surround the resorts.  We ate dinner at the marina last night, where million dollar yachts are moored.  Yet old men and women, and small children sell their wares to the passerbys.   It makes me wonder if I would be considered a rich American.  However, Liam told me that his boss makes $300,000 (U.S.) a year selling time shares.  Liam himself is going to NY to study music in the fall, and my interaction with him was lovely, so who knows!

Well, forgive me.  But my efforts to upload any photos at all are failing me.  The beach ball and “connecting” message seems indefinite, and with that, I’m going to close.  When I sign off, I don’t know if this will post.  But if it does, I hope you’re having a Happy Spring Break!

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